Our Services

  • Film & Video Production
  •  Background Sound Designing
  • Foleys
  • Sound Mapping
  • Voice & Music Recording
  • Radio spots / Jingles
  • Film Dubbing
  • Video Color Correction & Grading
  • Beat Making
  • Song Recording
  • Voice Over
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Creative Advertisements
  • Devotional Songs
  • Patriotic Songs
  • School Songs
  •  School Programmes
  • School Documentary
  • School Commercial Advertisement
  • RnB, Hip Hop,Blues, Dubstep
  • Progressive House,Romanian,Rock and Pop etc.
Mixing and Mastering

Both mixing and mastering is the most vital process in the arena of creative production as this is the process through which the raw audio is made ready for your.. Read more

Voice Over and Dubbing Services

Our studio is the best place for the voice and dubbing as it’s very calm and private; exactly what is required to do the work perfectly..... Read more

Voice Recording Services

We believe in delivering the best voice recording services to our clients, so you don’t have to worry about the quality services.... Read more